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【Ship from UK/US No Tax】Foxwell NT520 Pro Multi-System Scanner With 2 Free Car Brand Software

【Ship from UK/US No Tax】Foxwell NT520 Pro Multi-System Scanner With 2 Free Car Brand Software

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Top 3 Reasons to get this NT520 Pro Bundle Deals:
Not only delivering OE-level diagnosis on all the electronic systems, but also make you to access the most commonly required service features such as oil service light reset, throttle body adjustment, DPF regeneration and much more.
You can get 2 car software for free, please select each under the option of "Language" and "Version"
Lifetime Free Online Update

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by Mr.Larry on Jun 13, 2019
I tried to purchase the scanner and used option to pay with my PayPal account. But when connecting with PayPal, the massage appeared that I am unable to pay via PayPal and I have to choose a different method for payment. Not happy with non-function option and not very comfortable to give a credit card info.
by Mr.Mike H. on Feb 18, 2019
I purchesed the NT 520 pro through Foxwellmall and it arrived as advertised. I ordered with software for two manafactures .
The BMW software loaded and functioned as advertised. However I have been trying to get the second manafecture software since the begining of December.
I would not reccomend paying for the second software while purchesing the code reader, you may not get the software you paid for:(
Replied by Alisa on Feb 18, 2019
Hi Mike,

I am so sorry for all the inconvenience caused for you.

From 31th Jan to 11th Feb, we were having spring festival holiday, and when we back to work on 12th Feb, there are so many emails in our inbox, we may miss your email. I am so sorry.

Will open the authorization for you today.

Best Regards,
by Mr.Allan on Feb 13, 2019
I was able connect and upgrade my scanner for the BMW software.
The instructions said to email you to authorize the second software
My S/N for the NT520 is N5B1812121124
I would like to install BENZ as the second software.
Replied by Alisa on Feb 13, 2019
Ok, i will open the authorization for you, will keep you posted when it is available.
by Mr.Thomas on Jan 11, 2019
Received it in 3 days, so fast delivery
by Mr.Bruce on Jan 4, 2019
Will this tool support 2013 Toyota Yaris and 2018 Honda CRV?
Replied by Alisa on Jan 4, 2019
It can support 2013 Toyota Yaris. For 2018 honda crv, NT520 cannot support the year 2018 right now.
by Mr.Allen on Jan 3, 2019
Hi, Is this device suitable for 2013 Toyota Yaris and 2018 Honda CRV? Thank you. Regards, Allen
by Mr.David on Oct 17, 2018
Language and Version have the same options on the website
Replied by Alisa on Oct 17, 2018
The same options is for you to select two different softwares. 
by Mr.Benny on Oct 17, 2018
I have already download BMW software, how can i get my GM software?
Replied by Alisa on Oct 17, 2018
Hi Dear,

Please pass me your serial number of NT520 Pro, i will open GM authorization for you, then you can download it the same way as you download bmw software
by Ms.Debbie on Oct 17, 2018
It was able to test and troubleshoot the A/C on my 2013 Jeep JK, nice tool
by Mr.Allan on Oct 17, 2018
Worked very well on my car and my wife's car.
by Mr.Lawrence Rivet on Nov 7, 2017
Update on the NT510 . Well I received my unit from China in just 4 days ,impressive.(That is 11 days in total though) <br> That's the first time I have ever received an order from The China area in such a short time . DHL is actually pretty good .Especially since it is free shipping because usually free shipping is delivered by a snail strapped to a turtle's back.<br> The NT510 is a pretty useful scanner and with the active tests and with some limited component actuation ability it is probably worth the price.<br> But in my case I bought this unit to align the electric throttle housing (body) on a BMW 328I, E92 , which Foxwell claims it will do , well apparently not. <br> The answer I got from Foxwell tech support after some back and forth is as follows-- <br> Reply your feedback at<br><br>Today, 2:04 AM<br>Hi Sir,<br><br>Right now, NT510 can't support TPA function for your car. But our engineer will issue a new software to cover this function.<br> So someday my NT510 might do what I need , I'm sure it does do Throttle body alignment on Honda's and other cars but not on BMW yet.<br> So it's a good unit but I am left somewhat disappointed, hence the 3 stars.
by Mr.Lawrence Rivet on Oct 30, 2017
Regarding delivery information disseminated by their site , when you attempt to see actual delivery time estimates ---it is impossible to do so for any and all of their products --it always take you to an Error http 404.4- not found page.<br> Also that online chat window that always pops up on their site is never online.----- It does however say that it takes 3-5 days for delivery from the US on the ordering page. Now that is encouraging but we will see about that. In my situation however I wasn't given a tracking number after several days so I emailed Foxwell and was told that my package had been given to DHL and that they were awaiting the tracking number from DHL.<br> So 5 full days later , still no tracking number so I again contacted them only to be told that the NT510 had been temporarily out of stock but that it NOW was back in stock and that my order had been packaged the previous day and was ready to be given to DHL but since they don't deliver on the weekend it would go out first thing Monday. Same person told me both stories.<br> I told them in my first email that I needed this thing ASAP because it was needed to fix a car that was disabled until I could code it.<br> So anyhow Monday comes (a full 7 days later)and I finally get a tracking # and what do I see on my tracking page?<br> What I see is that this item is actually shipped from HONG KONG. I'm sure that for some people this would be a deal breaker.<br> I am probably still a week away from receiving my order so I can't say if the product is good yet but I'm hoping it will be.<br> I am sure that I am not the first client to be told a story and certainly not the last either.<br><br> It would have been less stressful to be just told the truth and I could have dealt with that.---- I will update , later when I receive and have used the product.
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