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Product Description

  1. The Foxwell NT301 obd2 code scanner can read and erase codes which can also retrieve a wealth of information from the Engine Control Unit (ECU).
  2. This obd2 scanner resolve most reasons which caused engine light on, and tell you what's wrong with your car engine, and if it is necessary to be sent to workshop.  Foxwell NT301 car diagnostic scan tool would save you much time and money. 

Foxwell NT301 Can Obdii Eobd Code Reader

The Foxwell NT301 obd2 code scanner can read and erase codes which can also retrieve a wealth of information from the Engine Control Unit (ECU).
This obd2 scanner resolve most reasons which caused engine light on, and tell you what's wrong with your car engine, and if it is necessary to be sent to workshop.  Foxwell NT301 car diagnostic scan tool would save you much time and money. 

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NT301 User Manual Free Download
Foxwell Code Reader Comparison

Top 4 reasons to get Foxwell NT301:

1. CAN, OBDII, EOBD Code reader for All 1996 and newer cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs and minivans sold worldwide

2.Read and clear code,Reads/records/graphs live sensor data,Freeze frame data,ECU information,Multilingual menu and codes,Code troubleshooters, Hot keys for quick access of data,and so on

3. Multi-language: English,French,Spainish,Dutch,German,Hungarian,Portuguese,Italian, Swedish

4.Free Update Lifetime

NT301 Code Reader Features and Benefits:
  • Read and clear engine fault codes
  • Switch off Check Engine Light (MIL)
  • View on-screen fault code definitions (generic and manufacturer-specific, where available) - thousands of definitions stored within the tool software
  • Look up fault code definitions from the tool's on-board database, even when that code isn't currently stored on the car
  • Read freeze-frame data (a snapshot of sensor values when a DTC occurred)
  • Read real-time live data streams from the engine sensors - ideal for monitoring intermittent faults
  • Graph live engine data on-screen
  • View Readiness Test Status for emissions testing - quick display of status of all tests on a single screen
  • View Oxygen Sensor test results (dependent on vehicle support)
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Read stored and pending fault codes
  • Retrieve VIN, Cal ID and CVN identifiers from ECU (dependent on vehicle support)
  • Large (2.8") colour TFT graphic display
  • Compatible with petrol cars from 2001* (and some earlier models - see below)
  • Compatible with diesel cars from 2004*
  • EOBD/OBDII cable with 16-pin connector (for the 16-pin socket on all* 2001+ petrol cars and 2004+ diesel cars)
  • Supports all EOBD/OBDII languages (ISO-9141, ISO-14230 (KWP2000), PWM, VPW and CAN)
  • Takes power from the car - no batteries needed

Please note: 

1.Even though it compatibles with most cars from 2000, but different regions support the vehicle OBDII/EOBD protocol at different times, or some car is in special design, so it may not compatible with some cars which do not support OBD2 protocol. In general, it supports for the 12V voltage, 16 pin interface compliant US, European Asian OBDII/EOBD compliant vehicles. 

2. Update with NT Wonder directly, No registeration required.

3. Before you clear codes, make sure that the ignition key is switched to ON with the engine off.

NT301 Code Reader Features:

1. NT301 works with all OBDII/EOBD compliant cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, minivans and hybrid sold worldwide

nt301 code reader

2. Reading/Erasing DTC and I/M readiness hot keys make it easy to use this tool right out of the package. They provide quick access to emissions readiness status, DTC information and erase function.
nt301 obd2 code scanner

3. Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and build-in speaker indicate emissions monitor status. They can also help catch intermittent problems or confirm repairs during a drive cycle

nt301 eobd obdii code reader

4. Automatic VIN acquisition and decoding makes it much easier to read manufacturer specific codes and enhanced mode 6 data
nt301 can obdii eobd code scanner

5. NT301 does not only read and clear engine system faults, it also shows live vehicle sensor data in text and graph format and allows you to focus on any suspicious or symptom-specific data parameters.
foxwell nt301 code reader

6. It reads freeze frame data, which allows engine conditions such as fuel trim, engine coolant temp, etc., at the time the malfunction indicator lamp was set.
nt301 code reader reads freeze frame data

7. Multilingual menu options and code definitions - English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and more
nt301 support multi languages

8. With internet access, you will always have the latest bug fixes and newly added parameters and they are life-time free. Unique one-click update and automatic update reminder let you stay current with the latest technology
nt301 support online update

9. Clearly arranged keypad, menu-driven navigation, hotkeys and 2.8" TFT color screen together make it extremely easy to use.

nt301 has clearly arranged keypad
  • NOTE: The power switch is used to reboot the code reader. The scanner has no batteries, and cannot storage electric, it is powered by 12-volt vehicle battery. Erase Codes does not fix the problem that caused the fault! DTCs should only be erased after correcting the condition(s) that caused them.


How to update NT301 obd2 diagnostic code reader?

1. Visit our official webiste http://www.foxwelltech.com/product/item-20.html , and drag the page to the bottom, click "Download" to download the installer NT Wonder.
2. Enable NT Wonder and connect NT301 to computer with USB cable in the package.
3. Click "Update online" or "Update offline" to start downloading and installing the latest version to your tool.
(Can only be updated on Windows system. No need for registration!)
4. An Update Finished Message displays when the update is completed.

Package Including:

1pc x NT301 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader

1pc x NT301 User's Guide

1pc x USB cable


Top Customer Reviews

This OBDII scan tool has a large color LCD display to make navigation very simple and easy. The tool is protected by a rubber surround to absorb any minor shock from use. The unit does not require any batteries to operate. Most cars manufactured from 1996 will support OBDII diagnostic. All you need to do is plug it into your car's OBDII (DLC) port and it will power up using the car's power. You can then start the vehicle to read any trouble codes or pending codes. If there are trouble codes, you can use this tool to erase the code. Of course you should fix the issue or else the code will return.

The tool also have quick access buttons to read codes, erase codes, and I/M readiness check. There are 3 LEDs in the middle of the screen to show you if you have any trouble codes, or pending codes along with audible beeps. If you want to venture into more advanced features, this tool is able to show live data and record data. You can also connect the unit to a computer with the included USB cable to print the test result. There is an option to look up definition of trouble codes simply by entering the trouble code. Once you are done, just unplug the unit from the car and put away the tool. Can't be any simpler. Overall it's a well designed tool for all the DIYers.

I had trouble initially with this code reader, it worked fine with my VW and then i used it on my Dodge and had errors connecting to the OBD system, same thing on my Ford. Well I am pleased to say I was able to do an update on the unit which made it function properly again!

The scan tool works as advertised. It connects to the vehicle easily and the tool is easy to operate. The only problem I have with the unit so far is the USB cable that came with the unit, the mini end that goes to the tool does not go far enough in to stay connected. I had to dig out another cable I had here that had a mini end that was a few millimeters longer and it works great. The cable on the left, in the picture, is a cable that I had at the house and the one on the right was the one that came with the product. You can see a slight length difference. Its just enough to keep the cable from completely connecting.

If you have any questions, please contact us freely.


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Technical Service

How to print the saved data on Foxwell NT301?

1.Connect the USB cable with your computer and NT301 Foxwell Scan Tool.

2.Open the NT wonder application on the desktop

3.Select PRINT from the menu and on your tool select the print data option.And select an option of data to send to the application for printing.

4.Once the data is received in the PC application,simply hit print and select your local printer.

5.In this instance we have only printed the fault code, however you can also print, Freeze Frame data, and vehicle information.

6.The application also allows you to look up fault codes, view the operation manual and configure the language and appliance on the NT wonder application.

How to Update the Foxwell NT301?

1.Connect the USB cable with your computer and NT301 Foxwell Scan Tool.

2.Open the Nt wonder application.It will display what tool is currently connected and its status.

3.To update the tool, it needs to be put into update mode, this is done, (as displayed on the screen) by Holding down the HELP button for 5 seconds.

4.Select Update online in the NT wonder application and the update will download and install.

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