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Free Shipping Multi-Application Service Tool Foxwell NT4021 For Oil Light Reset+EPB Service+Battery Configuration

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Product Description

Foxwell NT4021 is specifically designed to offer professional Oil Service Reset, Electronic Parking Brake servicing and Battery Configuration coverage across a wide range of car manufacturers, at an affordable price - even for small garages and enthusiasts.

Foxwell  NT4021 AutoService Tool

Foxwell NT4021 AutoService Pro tool combines the coverage of the NT401 Oil Service Reset tool, the NT415 Electronic Parking Brake service tool and the NT402
Battery Configuration Tool into a single unit - saving you over 200USD compared to buying the three tools individually.

The tool also features a comprehensive EOBD / OBD-II mode, to offer engine management fault code reading and live data from any EOBD compliant car (all* petrol cars from 2001 onwards, diesel cars from 2004 onwards).

Notice: Free update for 18 months, over 18 months,you need to buy NT4021 Update Service to give you a further 12 months of access to the update servers.

devilFeatures and Benefits:
1. Oil light/Service Reset

Coverage includes 42 vehicle makes, NT4021 allows you perform oil changes on almost all vehicles.
Guides you to sets service intervals, inspection mileage and resets service lights. It provides on-screen reset procedures to guide you step by step towards the correct service of the vehicle you are working on.

2. Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Service
Coverage includes 31 vehicle makes – the most extensive coverage in the industry.
NT4021 is specially designed to allow the service and maintenance of brake systems on multiple brands of vehicles where electronic brake systems are fitted.
It lets you perform bi-directional tests on electronic parking brake systems of multiple vehicle brands.
The tests let you to deactivate and re-activate brake control system, set new brake pad thickness after AUDI A8 service, bleed the brake systems and more.

3. Battery Configuration

Its coverage includes AUDI, BMW, CITROEN, FORD, PEUGEOT, SEAT, SKODA, VOLVO, VW and Ford–all vehicles that need a specialized tool to associate the new battery with the vehicle ECU after changing battery

The tools are supplied to us from Foxwell with most of the software on a recent version. Currently this includes coverage for cars (with a standard 16-pin diagnostic port) from the following manufacturers:
O = Oil service reset coverage
E = Electronic Parking Brake coverage
B = Battery replacement/validation functions
Foxwell NT4021 AutoService Pro Tool
  • European Makes:
    • Abarth (O - Petrol models only)
    • Alfa Romeo (O - Petrol models only)
    • Audi (O/E/B)
    • Bentley (O/E)
    • BMW (O/E/B)
    • Bugatti (O/E)
    • Citroen (O/E/B)
    • FIAT (O - Petrol models only)
    • Ford (EU) (O/E)
    • Jaguar (O/E)
    • Lancia (O - Petrol models only)
    • Land Rover (O/E)
    • Maybach (E)
    • Mercedes Benz (O/E)
    • Mini (O/E)
    • Opel (O/E)
    • Peugeot (O/E/B)
    • Porsche (O/E)
    • Renault (O/E
    • Rolls Royce (O)
    • SAAB (O/E)
    • Seat (O/E/B)
    • Skoda (O/E/B)
    • Smart (O)
    • Vauxhall (O/E)
    • Volkswagen (O/E/B)
    • Volvo (O/E/B)
  • Asian Makes:
    • Acura (O/E)
    • Honda (O/E)
    • Hyundai (O/E)
    • Infiniti (O)
    • Isuzu (O)
    • Kia (O/E)
    • Lexus (O/E)
    • Mazda (O)
    • Mitsubishi (O)
    • Nissan (O)
    • Scion (O/E)
    • Suzuki (O)
    • Toyota (O/E)

  • American Makes:
    • Chrysler USA (O)
    • Ford USA (O/E)
    • GM USA (O/E)
  • Chinese Makes:
    • Roewe (E)

4.General Features:
  • Compatible with 2013/2014 models on most makes
  • Shows ECU information
  • EOBD engine management coverage for all* UK 2001+ petrol and 2004+ cars
  • EOBD / OBD-II functionality - supports ALL 5 OBD-II protocols and ALL 10 test modes
  • Read EOBD / OBD-II live sensor data
  • Merge live data graphs for easier fault diagnostics
  • Easy-to-use with intuitive menu-driven operation
  • Large TFT colour display (240 x 320 pixels)
  • Strong housing tough enough to survive the workshop
  • FREE updates for the first 18 months after registration
(* - EOBD engine management coverage applies to passenger cars with fewer than 10 seats and a Gross Vehicle Weight rating of less than 2500kg,
registered from new within an EU member state since 2001 for petrol cars and 2004 for diesel cars)

5. 18 month free update. 

Display: Backlit, 240*320 TFT color display
Working Temperature: 0 to 60℃ (32 to 140℉)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70℃ (-4 to 158℉)
External Power: 8-18 Volts powered by vehicle battery
Dimensions: 200*100*38mm (L*W*H)
Color Box: 240*180*80mm (LWH)
Weight: 1.0KG

Packing List:
1x NT4021 AutoService Tool
1x User’s Guide
1x Memory Card
1x USB Cable
1x Diagnostic Cable
1x Nylon Carry Pouch


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Technical Service

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FoxScanner Update Guide EN-V1.00.pdf
NT4021 AutoService User's Guide_English Version_V1.00.pdf
FoxScanner Installer_V7.60_20161213.zip
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