Foxwell NT510 and iCarsoft Feedback on Jaguar X350

Car model and year: 2004 XJ Super V8

Problem: parking sensor problems

Tools to use and test reports:

  1. I use a iCarsoft and it’s good reads live data so it will tell you what sensor has a fault.
  2. I have the same problem with my 2004 VDP, the parking alarm goes off for 3 secs and they do not work when reversing.

I week ago, I purchased an icarsoft i930 and under the “Parking aid control module” it gave me a C-1707 – Rear Left Center Sensor Failure (which is correct)

I saw that since the parking sensors are “sonic” i.e. they give out a very quiet “clicking noise” all 3 rear sensors were clicking except the one identified with the i930.

I have to say that I had a problem with the i930 that under the “ECU” section it gave me the “Fault in communication with vehicle ECU”.

(This fault also appears on other posts re scanners) I called the distributor I purchased it from and he said the better jaguar scanner was the Foxwell 510 and I have since upgraded to that model.

I am now waiting for the Foxwell 510 to arrive and will report back

Foxwell NT510 scanner for Jaguar

Just received the new Foxwell 510 scanner for Jaguar and I am very impressed.

It had no problem communicating with all the modules on the 2004 XJ8 VDP it also shown up c-1430 and C-1707 rear left center sensor fault which will get done this week, hopefully.

So far ready like this scanner, comes with an excellent handbook, plus a CD with the handbook on, 59 pages much more complete than the icarsoft i930.

This scanner will do much more than I will ever need it for!!!

This is the one to get!!

Go to their website to download the manual.

Original Foxwell $149 doesn’t need to pay for Jaguar software, but can add up to 5 car brands, 69usd/one brand.