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Foxwell NT680 Pro VS. GT60 VS. GT60 Plus

What is the difference among Foxwell NT680 Pro, GT60 and GT60 Plus?

(1) NT680 Pro has the same function as GT60.
The difference is that GT60 is tablet while NT680 Pro is hand-held tool. NT680 Pro is lifetime free update, while GT60 only with 18 months free update.

(2) Compared with NT680 Pro and GT60, GT60 Plus is better on function and adapters:
A. GT60 Plus has 2 more functions, they are all systmes Active Tests and Control Module Coding/Programming.
B. GT60 Plus has OBD& OBDII Adapters Kit which can support more old cars, while NT680 Pro and GT60 only have one standard OBDII adapter. Need to extra buy OBD adapters.
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