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【US Ship】Foxwell BT705 Car Battery Load Tester & Charging System Analyzer 100-2000 CCA

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Product Description

BT-705 Battery Analyzer is dedicatedly developed to test 12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel batteries and 12V & 24V starting and charging system. It provides a quick, easy and affordable solution for technicians to check battery health and detect faults of starting and charging system.

Foxwell BT705 Car Battery Load Tester & Charging System Analyzer 100-2000 CCA 

BT-705 Battery Analyzer is dedicatedly developed to test 12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel batteries and 12V & 24V starting and charging system. It provides a quick, easy and affordable solution for technicians to check battery health and detect faults of starting and charging system.

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Top 5 reasons to get Foxwell BT705:

1. Test 12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate,AGM spiral and gel batteries.
2. Tests batteries from rated from 100 to 2000CCA.
3. Test 12V & 24V starting and charging system.
4. Multilingual menu and test results - English, French, Spainsh, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and so on.
5. If you need Bluetooth Printer to work with BT705, you can buy Foxwell BT705 with bluetooth printer Kit.

Foxwell BT705 Features and Benefits:

 * Multiple vehicle applications –passenger cars and duty trucks
* Tests batteries from rated from 100 to 2000CCA
* Tests multiple battery types- regular flooded,AGM flat plate ,AGM spiral and gel
* Tests multiple rating systems-CCA,BCI,CA,MCA,JIS,DIN,IEC,EN,SAE,GB
* Tests the batteries on the car directly- no need to remove the battery
* Detects bad cells,7.8ft Tester Cable
* Quick and accurate test result display in just 3 seconds
* Tests 12&24 volt charging system
* Advanced starter /alternator test
* Quick starter analysis without disabling the ignition
* Does not emit light,heat or spark ,or discharge battery-keeps operation safe for all levels of users
* Automatic temperature compensation
* Ripple voltage test for easy and intuitive check of faults
* Extremely easy to use with large backlight LCD display and menu-driven operation
* Optional Bluetooth printer

Check Battery Health Status: With a wide range of battery test coverage, the FOXWELL BT705 helps you easily and quickly figure out the health status of multiple batteries with the readable result displayed on the screen in only 3 seconds.

Cranking test: analyze the actual required cranking current and cranking voltage of the starting motor.

Charging test: analyze the charging system, including generator, rectifier, rectifier diode, etc., which it give you reliable data for your reference. If one of the above mentioned parts is not in normal situation, it will lead to over charge or incomplete charge of the battery, thus the battery will be quickly damaged and also greatly shorten the using life.

What can Foxwell BT705 do?

BT705 Using Tips:

When testing the battery, please make sure that the two contacts of the positive and negative clips are in good contact to get the exact value.


BT705 Specifications


Package including:

1pc×Battery Analyzer BT-705 Main Unit
1pc×User’s Guide
1pc× Blow Molding Case

Foxwell BT-705 FAQs

Q1: Will Foxwell Bt705 check starter draw? What type of infomation will it give?
A: I have run Foxwell Bt705 test only one time since I got mine so haven’t explored all of its functionality yet. The starter test gives the voltage while cranking, cranking time until start and an ok or faulty reading if I recall correctly.

Q2: is the power pack for the bluetooth printer 220 volts or 110 and does Foxwell Bt705 need an adapter for usa sockets?
A: the power adapter input: 100-240VAC 0.7A 50/60HZ, output: 9V-2000mA. And the power adapter in the US Macket is UL CSA.

Q3: Will Bt705 accurately load test atv batteries?
A: Yes, it can accurately load test car batteryes.

Q4: So can i also use Bt705 with the car running in order to see if the alternator is charging the battery? and is there a way to use to test starter?
A: Yes, you can view the charging status while running, but it will not test the starter. Best way to test the starter is using an inductive amp clamp…so that means buying another tool.

Q5: If i had a battery that was in good condition, but simply needed a charge, what would the unit tell me? Would it say good or bad?
A: Yes, it will tell you if the battery just needs a re-charge , or it needs to be replaced. This unit is very simple to operate. It tests also the charging system of the car.

Q6: Can you test 12 volt deep cycle batteries?
A: Yes, you can use it on everything up to 8D AGM.

Customer Feeback on Foxwell BT-705

1.So far really like this tester. I just received it and only used it once. Tested battery CCA and Charging circuit. The charging circuit test has you ideal/rev with no load and same test with load (lights, fan, radio etc.) while in park. Pretty cool. Will update if I find any problems with it but by the feel and look of it this will be a long lasting tester.

2.I work at a Lexus dealership. We have a shop supplied MidTronics battery tester that costs over $1,000. I am incredibly impressed by the features offered on this model for around $100 in comparison. It does all of the same things such as battery tests (via CCA, JIS, ETC), a starter test, and alternator output. Very impressive. Would recommend!

3.I tested this out on 4 different cars with known good systems and all came back accurate. They either tested bad or charge and retest. The tool is laid out well and the interface is very user friendly. I took this to work and tested numerous battery cores with expected results.

4.The only downside I see is that the cables may be the weak spot here, they are built into the tool and not detachable. I am not sure if you can get new leads for the unit or not so that could render the unit useless prematurely.

5. I bought this foxwell battery tester to analyze auto batteries. I have 5 old vehicles in my household, and I don't have to take vehicles to a garage anymore, whenever I have battery problems.
This tester is very simple and easy to use. It shows my battery level and determines the battery conditions. It also shows if the alternator is charging the battery. With this tester, now I can analyze myself that if it is problem with batterey, or alternator, instead of taking vehicle to a garage. I'm saving time and money. This tester is worth it.

6.The Foxwell battery test is worth every penny spent. Having the ability to check the battery health makes this a wonderful tool to have at your disposal. A quick and easy way to identify the health of your battery. Just enter the original CCA (cold cranking amps) and follow the instructions on the screen - yes, it is just that simple. If you reside in one of the hot states this meter will help you determine when your battery is on its last cell (leg).

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